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Your Startup Needs The Marketing Infrastructure

We’re a growth marketing company specialising in building marketing infrastructure for early to mid scale startups which helps them grow and scale their start up.


We were able to reduce our acquisition cost by 45% and increase our conversion rate by 15% - all within 45 days." - Slidr

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What’s a Marketing Infrastructure?

Why do some startups get a constant flow of purchases, app downloads, users or customers while others struggle to get any? Because of high converting marketing infrastructure. 

Some startups have built a high converting marketing infrastructure which constantly brings in new leads, follows them up, nurtures and converts them into customers. Other startups, in fact we would say most startups, do what we call “random acts of marketing”. They throw up an ad here and there. They’re not building an infrastructure – a system whereby a cold lead/audience enters one end and a customer comes out of the other.  

Our Services

Marketing Infrastructure & Strategy  

  • Build Funnels & Workflow

We create, implement and optimise high converting behaviour based online lead generation, acquisition and retention funnels.

  • Paid Acquisition Strategy (Paid Social and Paid Search Ads)

We set up, test, optimise and manage your entire paid acquisition and behaviour/sequential retargeting ad campaigns and paid acquisition funnel.

  •  Email Automation

We create email automation trees, sequences, funnel bot, tagging configuration, segmentation strategy and automate your marketing.

  • Data Analysis & Reporting 

We provide you with weekly/monthly channel performance reporting, key business & marketing metrics so tracking becomes a piece of cake.

Channel Management, Optimisation & Scaling

  • Paid Ads Management & Optimisation  
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation  
  • Email Marketing  
  • Content Marketing

Why Choose GrowthRabbit?

  • We have built all types of funnels – lead generation funnel, acquisition funnel, retention funnel, and more.
  • We manage $100,000+ ad spend budget portfolio.
  • We created 100’s of email automation tree, email sequences, automated emails and email campaigns. 
  • We created content that increased site traffic from 98% to as much as 496%.
  • We will work closely with you so that our growth hacking strategy is aligned with your vision for your business.

What Others Say

We were able to reduce our acquisition cost by 45% and increase our conversion rate by 15% - all within 45 days. What’s even better GrowthRabbit provides us with the weekly reporting to make it super easy to track our progress. I highly recommend reaching out to GrowthRabbit!

- Marwan, Slidr

GrowthRabbit came in and set up an individualised acquisition funnel for us within a few weeks, that resulted in a 30% conversion rate and reduced our cost per sign-up by 57.91%. Since we run a subscription business with monthly subscriptions starting at £9.99, we are extremely happy with that number.

- Shorena, NatureTeaBox