GrowthRabbit by Chintan Maisuria is a one stop platform for entrepreneurs to grow their online business.

So here’s how all started.

From a tiny kid with big eyes and ears who didn’t even know how to knot a tie to a guy who has now been featured on Lifehack, GrowthHackers, Product Hunt, Blogher and many other reputed publications.

smart kid to dashing chintan

Hi, I’m CHINTAN MAISURIA, a guy who worked for Castrol Oil, Melia, TES and founded GrowthRabbit. I help entrepreneurs build marketing and sales funnel for their online business to grow their audience.

My material will help you learn how to strategically acquire more customers using Growth marketing techniques and marketing automation.

Now, I don’t have a rabbit as a pet and neither I am interested in having one in the future but I love how fast they run.

I watched a video on YouTube — “Rabbit running faster than a car” and I was amazed. That is when I came up with this analogy; if you want to grow your online business then you need to run as fast as rabbit.

It was also the time when I was thinking of starting a platform which helps entrepreneurs to growth hack their online businesses and there were two things hitting my small brain:

First, today’s tools and access to technology to entrepreneurs is so possible….these opportunities weren’t there 5 years ago.

Second, the world is full of information, it doesn’t need anymore.

Thus, the only thing lacking was a “Right Guidance”.


(Enjoying the sun like normal human)

That is when I raised my hand and decided to combine my growth marketing, data analysis and product development experience and a vast knowledge of technology to launch GrowthRabbit.com which helps and teaches entrepreneurs “what to do, how to do and when to do” to grow their audience and online businesses.

Name GrowthRabbit came from my analogy — (if you want to grow your online business then you need to run as fast as rabbit).

And if you are curious to see the YouTube video of Rabbit running faster than a car, here is the link to a video.

If any of the statements below sound familiar to you then you’re in the right place.

  • I’m struggling to grow the user base of my online business.
  • I’m struggling to set up automated sales funnel which actually sells.
  • I need help building customer acquisition funnel.
  • I have no idea why visitor’s clicking away from my site after a single look.
  • I’m struggling to generate site traffic.
  • Facebook Ads are not working for me.

Working with Chintan has been an experience of my lifetime. My sales has doubled and I could’nt be happier. He helped me create a big sound on social web when I launched my first product range.

Shorena – Fashion

Chintan’s material helped me understand my target audience and distribution channel. I’ve restructured my product positioning strategy which is giving me 27% more conversion.

Dhaval – Finance

Chintan has completely changed my attitude towards generating traffic. Before I start putting a lot of my money and time I can figure out whether these traffic sources are profitable for my business or not.

Sumesh – Web Design

@chintanmaisuria Keep up the Good Work!!!

Speak to you soon,

Your friend,

Chintan Maisuria