30 Blog Post Ideas – Sexy list of blog post ideas

30 Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideas

Are you scratching your head? because you are confused that what type of blog post to write. Are you struggling to find the blog post ideas? It is not only you…it is the same story of every blogger or marketer because blogging and content marketing is not easy it does take time and effort but it is also not difficult and impossible. If you use your creativity then blogging is a whole lot easier and also fun.

  1. List post

List posts are great. List post also gives you high click-through rate. You can use list post for tools, resources, to do things, checklist and so on.

Example: 12 powerful marketing tools to improve your work today.

  1. How to post

How-to-post is an excellent way to describe any topic in your niche together with screen shots, images, and videos.

Example: How to write killer email subject lines to increase your open rate.

  1. Case study post

Case studies are my favourite and you must include in your content marketing strategy. Word “Case studies” weigh more than your usual articles.

Example: Case study: How I got 112 email subscribers in 24 hours.

  1. Ultimate guide post

Guide post is very detailed and comprehensive post. When you post such kind of articles you need to make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned. Make it a thorough and precise guide for higher conversions.

Example: A step by step guide to social media marketing.

  1. Interview post

Ask any influencer or blogger who ranks a little higher than you in your niche for an interview. You will be surprised how many influencers or blog owners will agree for an interview.

  1. Link roundup post

Link roundup is one of the best ways to get connected with influencers or experts in your niche. You can do weekly or monthly roundups. You can take the expert views from their own blog content and put the link and description and you are ready to go but make sure you notify them of mentioned once you post it – they might share J

Example: Opinion of 10 fitness coaches on different types of protein shakes

  1. Quote post

Quotes are great. They are motivational, inspirational and people love quotes from influential people. The easiest and most effective way to create such kind of post is to put together the quotes from influencers together with tweet link. It works great.

Example: 12 inspiration quotes from productivity experts

  1. Review post

Review a product, service, location or anything else. Be brutally honest in your reviews.

Example: Brutally honest review of Chintan’s Lead Is New Gold Course.

  1. Survey post

Whether you want to launch a new product, new blogging site or theme – survey your audience. You can do a survey through survey blog post.

Example: To serve you right type of content, I need your help.

  1. Infographic post

Infographic is sexy and entertaining. It is also easy to consume. Infographics are a quick and funny way to learn about the topic without a ton of heavy reading.

  1. Trend post

Trend post is great at the beginning of the year or before any holiday season or on some type of latest trends in your niche.

Example: News and trends in Fashion and Fitness – What you can learn today.

  1. Holiday post

Create a post before a holiday or during a holiday. This can be advice, entertainment or your holiday route in.

Example: Christmas Diet: Best healthy ways to avoid sugar frenzy this holiday season.

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