How Detox Day A Week Can Help Entrepreneurs Feel Less Stressed?

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How Detox Day A Week Can Help Entrepreneurs Feel Less Stressed?

Stress is a big issue to any person in this world and I get that because I am in the same boat. I, as an entrepreneur, used to be super stressed and could hardly manage myself until I found a way to get out of this hell.

Today, I am going to share my little secret that will help you and other fellow entrepreneurs feel less stressed.

The answer is DETOX day… BUT not what you think

How Detox Day A Week Can Help Entrepreneurs Feel Less Stressed?Detox day a week can help cleanse the mind and body making ones more energetic, healthy and feel light and de-stressed.

Detox day is not only a key to relieve entrepreneurial stress but also a way to make you feel less stressed.

Ok, we get it.


What to do on detox day and how does it help entrepreneurs feel less stressed?

6 things you can do on your detox day which will help you jump start your new week at work.

Consistency is the key whether to grow your blog/business or to reduce your entrepreneurial stress, so make sure you are consistent. I personally have a detox day every week in my weekly task calendar.

I prefer Sunday as my detox day and on that day I don’t do anything, no work, nothing; just spend time with my family and do these 6 things below.

Before we move forward, here is my disclaimer.

Disclaimer: GrowthRabbit or author (Chintan Maisuria) doesn’t provide any medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. These 6 things below are the ones I (Chintan Maisuria) do on my detox day to relieve stress and feel less stress. I’m sharing with you and community the ways that have helped me de-stress.

1.Eat veggies to cleanse your digestive system

Try to eat veggies on detox day. Veggies contain fibres that help cleanse your digestive system ultimately leading to a healthier bowel.

If your tummy is healthy and bowel movements are good, it will reflect in your mood. You will feel better, more energetic and less stressed.

I always try to eat veggies on my detox day but if I’m outside with friends or have guests at home, it can be difficult. Even then, try to include at least 60% to 70% veggies in my meals.

2.Do sports to move your body

Your body needs moves. Easy technology access and lengthy days in from of you PC or laptop makes our bodies stiff.

The end result is you feel tired, stressed and sometimes lazy and sleepy.

Do gym, play football or cricket or tennis or badminton or ride a bicycle or hike mountains or do some swimming. There are many sports to choose from, do one in which you have to move your body.

Being Indian I love cricket, so I play cricket for a couple of hours. Sometimes weather hates me, yes it does because I live in a rainy but lovely London, then I choose another sport is which is is swimming. I usually swim for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

3.Hot yoga to sweat and flush out toxins, balance your mindset, increase concentration + focus

Yoga is a great way to balance your mindset and increase your CONCENTRATION and FOCUS.

BUT, there is a bit of twist. There is a new trend of hot yoga in a market. It makes you sweat which will help you flush out toxins, salts + increase your concentration, focus and balance your mindset at the same time.

Bikram Yoga is worth checking out, they have hot yoga classes and studios.

I love yoga, I have been doing yoga since childhood and when I found out about hot yoga, I was super excited to try. I did and I really enjoyed it. I felt good after a session of hot yoga.

4.Drink lots of water and green tea + avoid coffee and sugar

This one is no brainer. Drinking a lot of fluid helps detoxify and hydrates your body. Drink a lot of water and green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants and has many benefits.

Avoid coffee, sugar and no cookies or cakes or scones with green tea. Just keep it plain and simple.

I am a big green tea fan. I drink green tea and a lot of water every day but I make sure that I drink more on my detox day because I’m doing sports and yoga meaning flushing out toxins and getting dehydrated. So, I hydrate it back with good fluids.

5.Read books to calm your mind

Reading books gives you knowledge but it also calms your mind and increases the sharpness of brain. It will make you relax and most importantly feel more positive.

I love reading. I read every day but on my detox day, I read books mostly related to self-development such as productivity, organising, increase confidence, communication etc. rather than heavy topics such as business, marketing, entrepreneurship.

6.Spend time with your loved ones and get happiness

The biggest de-stress booster is spending quality time with your family and loved ones. It can be speaking with your family, playing games, watching a movie together or television, having family meals etc.

It will make you happy and that’s what you want. Happiness will kill your stress and a bad mood.

I do spend a quality time with my family on my detox day. I also speak with my parents and siblings. Spending time with my family makes me forget everything and pulls me in the pool of happiness.


I have nothing to lie about and the truth is that I have benefited from the detox day a week a lot – I’m less stressed. If you are an entrepreneur and are stressed then trying out these 6 things may help you feel less stressed as an entrepreneur.

This was my way of saying that detox day a week can help entrepreneurs feel less stressed. Let me know what are you doing to reduce entrepreneurial stress?

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