How Marketers From Ed Tech Business Can Use Web Push Notifications

How Marketers From Ed Tech Business Can Use Web Push Notifications

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) market size is expected to grow from USD 1.83 Billion in 2015 to USD 8.50 Billion by 2020. And it is at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.0%. MOOC is used by a large number of learners, from academic campuses to big corporations. Today, more than 4.6 million students are studying at least one course online and 77 % of U.S corporations use e-learning to train and educate their employees. MOOC is leveraged by corporates for skill enhancement, innovation and brand marketing, which has become a necessity to up the game. Fortune 500 companies like Google and Yahoo have also taken up MOOC to train their employees. A lot of things are happening in Ed tech world, there will a lot of challenges and opportunities for marketers from Ed tech business if they want to increase the engagement and reduce churn. In this post, I will show you how mareketers from ed tech business can use web push notifications to generate more leads, increase enagement and reduce churn.

Though the number of unique registration has increased in the coming years, only a few have actually completed their course. A whopping 55% of students drop out before the course starts. Dropout rates are in its peak because of low engagement. Due to a heterogeneous crowd, it has become a challenge for the Ed Tech business to cater everyone. It has been difficult to segregate the users based on their behaviour and interests. Mass messages can be sniffed by the users the moment they lay eyes on it, as many times the messages are hardly relevant due to a low level of customization.

How Marketers From Ed Tech Business Can Use Web Push Notifications

Some e-learning websites are synchronous making it possible to interact with the instructor, join a webinar or participate in a live chat. For this to function really well, the users have to be notified well in advance and a reminder also needs to be sent, so that they do not miss out on the opportunity.  As most of the e- learning courses are available 24/7 and people access their account when they are free from their busy schedules, it becomes essential to be timely with your updates. Notification or updates on the class timings should be sent according to the users time zone.

Web push notifications are the perfect solution to the challenges faced by the Ed Tech Business. With outstanding customization and local time features, it encourages user engagement, increases lead generation and boosts sales. They are swift and drive repeat visits, encouraging people to make a purchase. With web push, it becomes easy to segment users based on their interest & location and sends them relevant notifications.

Ed Tech Business Can Use Web Push Notifications In Following Ways

Web Push Notifications are interactive messages work seamlessly across Desktop (All OS) and Mobile (Android only ). Supported by all the leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari, the adoption of web push technology has been rapid.

Some Brilliant Use Cases

Web push has been brilliant in pushing out a notification in a timely fashion, reaching to the users and encouraging them to register for a course. With its highly personalised and customization features, it helps to segment the users and notify them accordingly about all the updates. It is now easier to send local time-based notifications, as e-learning websites have users across the globe.

  1. Re-targeting

Once a user is done with a course, the chances are higher that they won’t visit your site for quite some time. You need not wait till the user is back in the site to search for another course that they would like to take up. This is when you tell them about the other interesting and highly demanded courses which are going to be live in a few days. Mustering interest is vital to make the user want to try a new course.

  1. Content marketing

You can engage the users by giving them interesting facts or important information; it could be revealing strategies, tips and interviews of experts. You can engage the users and encourage a revisit to your website even by a mock test or a quiz.

  1. Cross Sell

The idea is to sell more by leveraging less effort. While promoting your new course, you could also sell the users a guide along with it. Chances of increasing revenue and customer satisfaction is higher in this kind of notifications. A person who wants to take a course would also want some guide to refer to, increasing the chances of a transaction.

  1. Upsell

When you see that a user is almost done with a course, you need to make sure that you don’t lose them. Give them the advanced level of that course or something that is related to it. They could also get a one on one interaction with one of the lecturers to clear their doubts and so on.

  1. Offers

Send a web push which gives special offers to the users. Offers always attract people and these kinds of notifications prove to be a win- win situation. Offers such as join now and unlock one day course for free, get a guide free or free trial for two days to know if the course will benefit you etc, encourages users to take an action.

  1. Course Updates

Re-engage your users by giving them updates on their course. Updates are essential and users need to be informed about this. Imagine the course now starts at 9 am instead of 10 am. This is a major change. The users need to get to know this right away. Web push makes it possible to reach the users swiftly. 

Web push notification is used and leveraged by many well-known tech companies to generate leads and increase engagement. Marketers from ed tech business Can Use Web Push Notifications to replicate the same. Check out some more features of web push notifications.  

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