Exceptional Customer Service: The Key To Business Growth In Today’s World

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Exceptional Customer Service: The Key To Business Growth

Every business has had bad customer service interactions. Perhaps an employee had a misunderstanding; perhaps a customer had demands that may have stretched the limits of service. But learning from those customer service missteps is a great tool to building better relationships in the future.

There’s another thing that’s essential to better customer service, and that’s analyzing the process, from beginning to end, with regularity. If you do that, you’ll likely benefit from customer retention, and that, in fact, is the key to remarkable bottom line impact. Think about this figure: If you improve your customer retention and have return business, you can increase your profit up to 95 percent.

Exceptional Customer Service The Key To Business Growth In Today's World

Customer service improvement doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. In fact, it can be boiled down to just a few concepts. For starters, it involves a certain set of emotions—feeling empathy for what another person is going through, exuding a generosity that paves the way to make things better. At its core, customer service is really all about solutions. What are you doing in a timely manner to identify, analyze, and fix a problem? There’s also, of course, a feeling of surprise that happens when customer service is done well: People feel as though you have given their individuality attention in order to improve what they see as a wrong.

Of course, once you figure out what customer service is to you and your company, you have to take the time to impart those values to your employees. That means honesty. It means transparency. And it means building relationships that aren’t just about quantity, but about quality, too. Use this graphic to get started on a journey to improving your customer service.

How to Ensure the Very Best Customer Experience Every Time

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Over to you, so let me know in the comments below what exceptional customer service you offer to your customers to maintain that momentum in the business.

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