Founders think that this is a million dollar idea

this is a million dollar idea

Founders think that this is a million dollar idea

I like strawberries, bananas, apple, grapes and list goes on … and I think they (fish) do too.

You better don’t THINK Chintan otherwise you will have to eat those fruits for the rest of your life.

Even worse, you better forget about your dream of cooking and eating homemade Fish Curry (Indian style cuisine).

chintan think that this is a million dollar idea

This is what happens in real life. We think about our audiences a lot like this: I like this, I like that and I’m 101 % SURE they do too and I know they WANT this.

What? You kidding me dude.

First, how the hell on the earth can you be 101 % sure, and secondly, you THINK that they like it and want it just because you do.

So, here’s the deal…

I receive a bunch of questions asking me ‘What lead magnet you think will get me lots of leads?’ ‘What do you think about this strategy?…I believe that this is a brilliant technique’.


You have to do your audience research, you need to give your customers what they like and there is nothing like THINK.

If you want to generate enough leads or want to double your leads volume then you MUST know what your audience are looking for. (follow fish and worm example – worm is your lead magnet and fish is your customer)

According to Forbes 90% Start-ups FAIL.

So why do 90 % start-ups FAIL? because their Founders THINK that this is a million dollar idea.


When I was a kid, my dad used to take me out to one of those Chinese lorries for dinner – Lily’s Chinese Dragon Food. This Chinese lorry was super famous in our city (not London, it is a small city in India, back when we used to live in India) and one of the first to introduce some of the new Chinese dishes (Indian – Chinese version 🙂 of course)

At that time, I was thinking that I have to and I am going to open an AUTHENTIC FOOD COURT CHAIN and I’ll take over his customers’.

Evil smile 🙂

HELLO, you can’t…

Because Chintan, you’re an idiot.

In reality, the only thing that matters is that: what your customers want and love and not what you think and love.

Maybe, I love strawberries but fish like to eat worms and if I need to hook the fish then I need to offer some worms, not fruits full of VITAMINS.

To them, everything rest is GARBAGE. Yes, even to the Disney goldfish.

Let me give you a simple three question survey method:


Ask these three simple but result oriented questions to your prospect or friend or family member and you will be amazed with the findings/outcome.

  1. I know one website on [your business concept/idea]. What are your biggest expectations and how you think this website can help you?
  2. Why would you buy it? What needs are you wanting to satisfy?
  3. When, where and how would you use it?

Bonus question: How much would you pay for this service/product?

Don’t interrupt your prospect in the middle, JUST LISTEN and make a note of their answers. If possible, try to ask these questions to at least 3 to 5 people.


Now, it is time to analyze the results. Look for the similar KEYWORDS, find the patterns among those results. (I teach about analyzing the keywords more in depth in course ‘The Lead Is New Gold’. In this course I also show a tool which can be used to find similar keywords and patterns in less than 3 SECONDS, Yep).

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The similar keywords and outcome of analysis (step: 2) altogether makes your SECRET SAUCE to design your lead magnet, product selling message, sales page and answers the question on what type of lead magnet you should be using, etc.

These steps do ABSOLUTELY work.

Even giant businesses such as Apple, Starbucks, McDonald’s and many others (even my last employers – Castrol oil and Melia) do use similar methods — and so do I in my own business.

Without audience research, it is like putting your hands in a fire.

All the delusional business ideas and techniques I was thinking as an Indian kid with a small brain were ridiculously bullshit.

But as time passed, I learned, adapted and mastered the business tactics, growth strategies and cooking homemade fish curry 🙂

I am done for today. I already know that you are serious about your business. By reading the post this far, you are showing how serious you are with your business compared to others who always find excuses for everything in their business.

If you want to generate enough leads or want to double your leads, you have to take the ideal step and join the Lead Is New Gold (Course is closed now but you can join my FREE crash course on lead generation and you will be the first to notify when the Lead Is New Gold course will open next week)

In my next few emails I will talk more about my own lead magnets, why does it have such a high conversion and how I generate ON-DEMAND TRAFFIC.

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