How to Capture Ultra High Quality Leads From Facebook In No Time

high quality leads from Facebook

THIS is Why Facebook Lead Generation is Pure Gold

capture leads from facebook

Facebook advertising is so overwhelming! Anyone can be easily trapped.

Do post engagement, set bids, split testing and a whole lot of other things.

Facebook advertising is like a small rat; if you will not do it in a right way, it will slowly EAT your credit card.

But what if I told you that you can smuggle ULTRA HIGH quality leads from Facebook?

What if I told you that your ideal prospect does not even need to enter their details like name and email address?

…Sounds too good to be real yeah? Well, it’s real.

I can show you step by step how to capture ultra-high quality leads from Facebook.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

It’s a BRAND NEW Facebook feature called, “LEAD GENERATION ADS” it is only available as mobile ads and I genuinely believe that it’s going to change the way we get the leads moving forward.

According to – By 2017, spending on Mobile Advertising is expected to be double that of Desktop Advertising.

Wait, I haven’t finished yet 🙂

There is one more feature Facebook has introduced recently called “DETAILED TARGETINGING”

We will be using the combination of the above two features to attract high-quality leads.

Needless to say, I have some experience and can share exactly how to use those features and capture high-quality leads.

There are many advanced combinations such as Lead Ads + Custom Audience, Lead Ads + Retargeting and so on, but I’m going to focus on the fundamentals. The idea is to get you started.

In this post, I’ll show the Ad steps of Leads Generation + Detailed Targeting combination.

Before we start creating an ad campaign, let’s do some audience research.

Technique 1: List down 10 of your best customers’ email addresses on excel sheet. Now search them on Facebook using their email addresses. Once you find their profiles check what Facebook pages they have liked. Find similarities among all the profiles meaning similar pages they have liked. Use that pages for targeting.


Technique 2: Visit and enter your competitor’s website and then search.

Boom… you will find the list of all the similar sites related to your competitors.

Now you can target even these pages if you wanted to. In my opinion, these are the low hanging fruits and my recommendation is to eat them first.


Now we know who we are going to target, it is now time to create an ad campaign.

Some of my recommendations are: don’t spend a lot of money, in the beginning, get your feet wet first. You can keep $100 monthly budget which comes to around $3.33 a day.

If you have a great ad copy and an image then it is more likely that you will be able to generate between 5 to 10 leads per day, but it really depends on your niche.

I also recommend that you calculate your ad profitability. Don’t fall into a hole of clicks per pennies. In my opinion, when you are running an ad you should focus on CPA (cost per acquisition) instead of CTR (click through rate). CTR is important but what is the point of getting high CTR if you are not converting.

Step by step instruction on how to create LEAD GENERATION ADS.

Step: 1 Behind the scenes

Click on Adverts Manager (on the left-hand side of your NEWS FEED). Once you click on that it will take you to this page. Now click on POWER EDITOR which should take you to power editor backend.


Power editor backend.


Step: 2 Create a Facebook ad campaign

On clicking ‘Create Campaign’, the small pop-up will open. Enter your campaign name and choose objective – this is the critical part.

You need to choose LEAD GENERATION as your objective.


Now enter the ‘Advert set’ and ‘Advert name’ and finally hit the create button.

It will look something like below screenshot. The first tab is a campaign, the second is an advert set and the third is an advert.


Step: 3 Edit and update your Advert set (Audience/Interest) and Advert.

By default, the advert set is set up according to your location. Therefore, we need to edit and update the audience and country we want to target.

To do that, click on advert set tab and finally click edit as shown in ABOVE SCREENSHOT. Once you do that, below screen will appear.

Select your Facebook page, enter your daily budget, schedule your ad.

For “Lead Generation Ads” placement will be always mobile so you don’t need to worry about News feed section and Right Column placement.


Another very important part we are going to edit is the AUDIENCE section.

Click edit audience.

Add the country you want to target, update the age group together with gender. Don’t forget to update the language.

Lastly, in this step, we need to add the interest which can be done through “Detailed Targeting section”. (This is one of the brand new features Facebook has introduced recently) It is one of the KEY sections which will ultimately change the game. Your ad success depends on this section.

The IDEA here is to NARROW down your audience and make it as DETAILED as you can.

I personally narrow down my potential audience reach to 10,000.

Don’t worry if Facebook recommends fairly broad audience, just ignore. Their goal is your money.

Look at below screenshot to see what I have done in “detailed targeting”

I have setup a condition here:


I am targeting people who are interested in “Email Marketing”


These people MUST be interested in MailChimp too. (Mailchimp is an email marketing tool).

You can narrow down the way you want. More precise and detailed your condition, better it is.


If you are new to Facebook advertisement then keep the Biding as “Automatic” and optimise for “Leads”

Step 4: Create Advert for leads ad

This is another crucial step; We will be updating our Ad copy, image display URL and creating



You just need to create a lead form for one time and then you can choose that form any time in the future.

To create one, click on “Create New Form”

You see 🙂 (check out below screenshot), you can capture hell lot of information from your USER – these makes your leads ULTRA-SPECIFIC.


You have to put your privacy policy link and website link while creating this form. This is in case the user want to visit your website or want to read your privacy policy.

You are done! You have set up an ultra-specific LEAD CAPTURING ad.

Front End Working

I also want to show you how the front end mechanism works.

Once your ad gets approved, it will be served to your targeted audience.

Now, if they are interested in your ad the only thing they have to do is ONE click.

All the information you have asked will be auto populated. There you go.


front-end-facebook-ad-working front-end-facebook-ad-working-sign-up

As it is a brand new feature from Facebook, thus currently there is no email marketing tool integration feature available so you cannot integrate your ad with email marketing tool. Therefore, you have to download those leads manually.

It is super easy, I’ll show you.

Head off to your Facebook page and click on publishing tool.


Now click on ‘’Forms Library’’ and there you go.

You will find all of your lead forms. Download and import them into your email marketing tool.

We are all set. One of the best and precise ways to collect HOT LEADS from Facebook.

It is a new feature and very few people are using them. Try to exploit this feature before it gets saturated.

Good luck advertising 🙂

Leave a comment below and share your questions or experiences with Facebook ads.

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