How To Create A Lead Magnet: Get More Subscribers

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How To Create A Lead Magnet: Get More Subscribers

Million dollars question: How to create a lead magnet and get more subscribers?

Honestly speaking, to create a lead magnet and get more subscribers is not a rocket science and you don’t even need an engineering degree.

In fact, it is an ART. Yes, an art of understanding your customers’ pain points, their wants and finding out what it is exactly valuable to them. An art of making your lead magnet specific to your audience needs and wants.

So What Is Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe or a hook offering a SPECIFIC chunk of VALUE to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

In a simple language, you call it a freebie. Giving your prospect a some sort of valuable freebie in exchange for their contact information.

How To Create A Lead Magnet: Get More Subscribers

Powerful Formula To Create A Lead Magnet




I’ll explain both components (Value and Specificity) of this formula so you have a clear understanding of great lead magnets which will ultimately help you create your own great lead magnet to get more subscribers or leads.

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First part of the formula is VALUE

Many business owners and individuals have confusion about the lead magnet. They took lead magnet in a wrong way, but you shouldn’t.

Offering daily newsletter or weekly updates or CEO story is not a lead magnet.

This is NOT a lead magnet.

email newsletter

This is an Opt-in form and opt-in form is not necessarily a lead magnet.

As you learned above, the lead magnet is some sort of specific value which you are giving to your customer in exchange for their contact information.

I am not saying that you should shut down and not use the newsletter and updates in your business at all. I am just saying that you shouldn’t use them when you are sitting on a HOT CHAIR TO GET MORE SUBSCRIBERS.

Scenario To Understand The Value

Now, let say there is one prospect who is fat and WANTS to lose weight. On the other hand, if I am offering him a 6 pack abs formula do you think he/she is going to opt-in?


fat guy checking belly

This is not at all valuable to that prospect. Why?

Because his/her current WANT is to lose weight and not to gain 6 pack abs.

Thus, you need to provide your prospect with something valuable they are craving for.

It is all about understanding and finding your perfect audience if you want to create a valuable lead magnet.


Second part of our formula is SPECIFICITY

Until and unless your lead magnet is SPECIFIC, it will not convert very well into leads or email subscribers, it will not give you a good conversion.

So, how can you introduce specificity into your lead magnet?

Specificity can be introduced in four ways.

  1. You can make a SPECIFIC
  2. You can give a SPECIFIC
  3. You can offer a SPECIFIC solution or shortcut.
  4. You can answer a SPECIFIC

Use any of these four ways to create a great lead magnet.

It all starts with freebie or lead magnet. Once you use Value and Specificity in your lead magnet together with high converting squeeze page it will convert like CRAZY.

Plus if you are leveraging some powerful tools to growth hack your blog or business the growth to get more subscribers becomes 3X faster.

Let’s take some lead magnet examples based on four (4) SPECIFICITIES that do it right

Create A Lead Magnet Using SPECIFIC PROMISE:

Create a lead magnet by giving some kind of promise to your audience. A positive promise which will help your audience to change their state from sadness to happiness.

Example – 1:

This lead magnet is PROMISING Bikini body. This is a great lead magnet because it is very specific and clear.

bikini body specific promise lead magnet

The message is specific because it promises their audience to have a BIKINI BODY.

The message is clear because it says it is a guide (ebook) and it is free.

No bluff, B.S or anything unclear.

Example – 2:

This is a lead magnet I used for my course Lead Is New Gold. This lead magnet uses the specific promise. Promising to set up a great lead generation system and doubling your leads.

growth rabbit specific promise lead magnet

The main message is very clear with specific promise. There is also a sub-message “Learn the…” which tells exactly how it can be accomplished.

All details are outlined very clearly.

Example – 3:

This lead magnet promises their audience that they will be able to cook restaurant quality meals in 20 mins. The message is a specific promise and resonates clearly with their audience.

ready meal specific promise lead magnetBoth main and sub-messages are very well written and outlined.

Great lead magnet = Great hook or conversion and great hook or conversion = more leads or more subscribers.

Create A Lead Magnet Using SPECIFIC EXAMPLE:

Create a lead magnet by giving some kind of EXAMPLE to your audience. CASE STUDIES work well with this type of specificity. Case studies are great lead magnets because it develops the curiosity.

Anyone (especially your audience) wants to understand and know how they/you did it. Curiosity is a big word and a factor in human phycology.

Example – 1:

This lead magnet is using a specific example in the form of case study: how 17,800 email opt-ins were generated in 6 weeks using Facebook ADs and Lead pages.

facebook ads specific example lead magnet

The message is very well outlined and clear.

It develops the curiosity gap and makes its audience wanting to learn more.

Example – 2:

This is a great lead magnet. It is very specific and the message is clear. This message is developing the curiosity gap. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you would definitely want to know what type of email templates are those that made $100,000 in just 30 days.

email template specific example lead magnet

Remember, if you know what are your audience requirements then it will be much easier to craft the message and design the lead magnet.

Example – 3:

Similar concept – case study; the message is straightforward and very specific. This company has achieved 259% Return on investment using the native advertising. They want to share the exact secrets and the strategy they have used to accomplish this achievement but only once you opt-in.

native advertising specific example lead magnet

Again, the lead magnet is very specific and the message is very clear.


In this category, you can create a lead magnet which gives your audience a specific SOLUTION or shortcut to their PROBLEM.

Thus, if you have researched your audience well then you will know their problems and pain points. Create a specific solution or shortcut to their problem and use it as a lead magnet to gather leads/emails.

Cheat sheets, a list of things, handouts, report etc. works great in this category.

People nowadays are looking for a quick solution or a shortcut and this is the right opportunity when you can ask for their email addresses in return to this specific solution or shortcut.

Example – 1:

This lead magnet is simple and up to the point message. No B.S

niche ideas specific solution lead magnetIt is a shortcut because it gives you an access to PROFITABLE ideas. Before you start executing your plan, you need a profitable business idea. Therefore, this lead magnet is a great hook and specific solution.

Example – 2:

This is a free report containing 7 online marketing tools. It is a shortcut or specific solution.

The message is very specific and very clear. And on top of the specific message, the Hint section makes an audience tempted to opt-in.

tools specific solution lead magnet

This lead magnet is also creating a VALUE in two forms. One it is giving away the list of tools (solution) for free and second is it says this report is worth £29.

Example – 3:

This lead magnet is mine. I have listed 3 specific shortcuts and 1 main solution.

convert traffic specific solution lead magnet

The message is crafted very delicately to make sure that it is straight to the point and not out of the track.

A simple list with a specific solution and clear message.

Create A Lead Magnet Using SPECIFIC QUESTION

Give an answer to the specific question your audience might have. “How to…” type of question works great with this category of specificity.

Creating the answers to specific question your audience might have and give it away for free in exchange for their email address.

Example – 1:

Look at this lead magnet example, hitting straight to the centre of the dart.

Any business wants PR and getting featured in the big media and publication is a dream come true.

media specific question lead magnet

Any business owner wants to know how to get featured in big media outlets and that desire question makes this a great lead magnet.

Example – 2:

This lead magnet is created with a specific message and with a specific question.

This is the desired question every man has about women and dating.

The owner even posted a video to give more confident to visitors and to engage them.

dating specific question lead magnetExample – 3:

This is another desired question every man has. Super specific question and very clear message.

Any man who is interested in clean shave would definitely want to know the answers to this question. Therefore, this desire makes this lead magnet a great lead magnet.

salon specific question lead magnet

Specific question and straight to the point message is a great form of a lead magnet.

If you are looking for some lead magnet ideas then here is the list of 12 lead magnet ideas.


So whatever business or blog niche you are in, it is important that you start building your email list. And to start building an email list the very important thing you should do is to determine the needs and wants of your audience. Then after, using that information create an irresistible mouth-watering offer to giveaway in the form of a lead magnet.

It is proven, we all have seen, just that we didn’t notice that many businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, startups have built their massive userbase or got more subscribers using this simple lead magnet concept.

This is the very first step to follow to bring the customer into your business.

If you still have any questions regarding how to create a lead magnet and get more email subscribers? just let me know in a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer any of your queries.

What type of lead magnet have you created and used? Leave me a comment below and let’s keep the discussion rolling.

Don’t forget to grab your Lead magnet ideas. It will help you create your own lead magnet in literally no time.

And the best thing is, it is free to you. Just click on the image below to grab it.

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