Useful Tips On How To Create Effective Social Media Content Calendar

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Useful Tips On How To Create Effective Social Media Content Calendar

When it comes to social media marketer, the calendar is considered as the secret arsenal. With using a calendar, you can plan, organize and visualize your content strategy well in advance effectively. A strong social media calendar informs you what’s coming up, which events are significant and what to expect from past weeks or months.

If you are creating your social media content calendar and want to know how to create content planning for your brand, check out these strategies for stress-free planning.

Useful Tips On How To Create Effective Social Media Content Calendar

Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar?       

A social media content calendar can help you to organize the way you curate and generate content and help you to develop a better content strategy.  In addition, social media calendar reduce your extra time of your content marketing strategy and helps you allocate your resources properly as well as help your brand consistently publishes high performing and quality content pieces.  Now have a look at the major benefits of social media content calendar:

4-reasons-use-social-media-editorial-calendar1. Plan and Organizing important events and dates

Social media marketers have lots of content over the place and managing multiple social media accounts can turn into mess quickly. So this type of improper organization will kill marketer’s efficiency. Advance content planning helps you to organize the important events and dates that easily influence your content.  In addition, social media calendar not only allows you to organize the content but also find the gap and fill them.

2. Helps you to become more productive

No one ever has enough time. However, social media calendar helps you to plan short-term or long-term content strategy and helps you to save time so you can do other important things easily.

3. Improve your Effectiveness

The calendar gives you new perception both in a way you think about your content and in the way you visualize the content. Also, with using calendar you can schedule your updates for optimum times and streamline your content strategy.

4. Maintain Consistency

Social media calendar helps you to organize and plan content strategy effectively so you can share content on all social media account consistently. You can visualize your content what to post on which social media accounts at a specific time. Also, help you to reschedule your same post on multiple accounts this way you can maintain consistency across all social media platform.

5. Create better content strategy

A social media calendar allows you to plan content strategically. Whether you want to plan any event, product launches and the current trend in your industry, calendar helps you to plan your content strategy well in advance.

How to Create Your Social Media Content Calendar

  • Figure out what content to share

Before you can develop posts for various social media profiles of your company, it is necessary that you know what type of posts are actually liked by the target viewers! This can be done by analyzing the previous popular social media posts in all profiles. The likes and comments make it clear what posts get the maximum acceptance and response from target viewers.

  • Decide the frequency of posting

The timing and interval of posting content in your company’s social media profiles are very important. This actually depends on parameters like target viewers, company type, the social networks, and campaigns etc. On an average, Twitter posting frequency tends to be quite high while the posting interval for LinkedIn is just the opposite.

  • Now it’s time to fill your calendar

Once you have built your calendar, you’ll need content. This means you can add fresh content as well as curated content. For this, you need to use tool that allows you to schedule your social media content and visualize your entire content calendar. However, there are many tools available that allows you to organize a social media content calendar. Below, I have summarized some of the best content calendar tools. Have a look.



This is the one of the best user-friendly tool for social media marketers. This allows you to schedule your social media content and visual your entire content calendar.

With using this social media calendar, you can add campaign and social media updates as events and invite people to collaborate as required. It’s easy to drag and drop campaigns to different time, if you need to reschedule and update. Also, you can filter your calendar view by day, week and month as well as previous post and delivered post. You can easily visualize what you have scheduled or shared on particular accounts, groups and pages.


This is an online project management as well as time tracking tool ideal for streamlining and managing social media content across various platforms. It has workflows, which can be used as templates for specific marketing campaigns. The projects you manage with Brightpod can be personalized and you can see everyone’s task, content publish dates and events on shared calendar. You can colour code projects and progress bars indicate growth of each project. The tool supports project sharing and a drag and drop calendar makes content sharing simpler. It also has time tracking feature embedded. Users get a daily email containing a summary of yesterday’s work. The tool supports 4 languages and lets you connect to online services like Google Drive, Dropbox.



This tool adds collaborative “pod” to events created in Google Calendar. The pods support real-time collaboration. The good thing is it can work with events created even before installing the app. As of now, this is available only as an online tool accessible through PC browsers. However, in future mobile version will be released. It is now offered for free. It does not store your Google password and if you want so, it can be detached from your Google Calendar. This is ideal for privacy-conscious users.



This is one capable social media content publishing and sharing platform meant for B2B users. The company offers customized social media content solutions for clients. The customized content templates are used to deploy scalable project management. Users can check the progress of each project in this service. It is compatible with a wide range of CMS, social media services as well as cloud services like Drupal, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The website is replete with enough video tutorials to help users get started.

What about you? I would love to hear some of your tips and tricks about creating and maintaining a social media calendar. What have you discovered to be the most effective way to do it? Share your insights and experience in the comment box below.

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