How To Find Your Target Audience On Facebook? 2 Killer Methods

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How To Find Your Target Audience On Facebook? 2 Killer Methods

One of the questions peeling today’s entrepreneurs’ skin is how to find a target audience on Facebook accurately, like a PRO. Everyone has a different method or so called their own method to search and narrow the target audience in order to get the Facebook Ads convert. And that is fine as far as it pays your bill.

Before you start Facebook advertising journey, it’s no brainer that you research your market and find your target audience on Facebook. In short, find out who you are targeting.

How To Find Your Target Audience On Facebook? 2 Killer MethodsI have two killer methods to share with you on finding your target audience on Facebook. I have put together the video and wrote some text for you below, so you can learn and understand those two methods and start implementing in your business.

Brief overview of two methods below:

Method 1 to find your target audience on Facebook

If you have custom audience list which was previously converted, then you need to use that to find out the demographics of your custom audience list.

Audience Insight allows you to do the research on your custom audience list including:

  1. Email lists.
  2. Website
  3. Customer phone lists.

This allows you to find other people similar to those that:

  1. Converted on your web pages.
  2. “Liked” your fan page.

Ultimately, it will help you understand your audience and so you can create a laser targeted lookalike audience.

This method is very powerful and works like a charm. In order to use this method, you must have installed the conversion pixel (code) onto your website. You can get the code very easily through your Facebook account.

Once you have that code, just paste it between the head and head of your website on all pages. You must have access to your website coding panel to paste the code.

If you are using WordPress site, it is even easier and faster. Use the plugin called Pixel Your Site and you are ready to start building your custom audience.

One of the biggest advantages of using custom audience is that you can create “Retargeting Ads”.

Method 2 to find your target audience on Facebook

If you are new and just starting Facebook Ads, it is obvious that you’ll not have a custom audience. Not to worry, Facebook audience insights will help you to learn about your audience based on:

Interest targeting data including:

  1. Facebook pages of competitors.
  2. Influencers in your niche.
  3. The combination of both.

Audience Insights allows you to leverage Facebook’s data to discover other pages that your target market is most likely to “Like” … these are pages that you wouldn’t have thought to target before.

But using an inbuilt Facebook tool called Facebook Audience Insights it is now makes it possible to dissect your audiences’ interest, to learn and understand their bones and skin such as demographics.

This method is a savier for a newbie advertisers when they are just starting out on Facebook Ads. You can start using this method to generate traffic and leads. While in parallel, you can start building your custom audience by installing pixel code.

Once you have a sufficient and healthy volume of custom audience, you can start leveraging method one.

No brainer, just a strategic approach.

Facebook Ads to drive traffic and build email list faster

One of the most inexpensive and measurable ways to accomplish your goal to increase traffic and email list is through social advertising on Facebook. Facebook has the most advanced targeting options and low cost per click compared to other competitive and reputable advertising platforms out there in the market.

Facebook is a data mining factory. Facebook has been collecting the data for last one decade. These data’s are used as business intelligence to find your target audience and create your exact audience persona literally in no time.

This kind of data increases the chances to convert your Facebook Ads better and that is why Facebook advertisements are laser targeted.

Facebook ads work for all niches and business, it is just a matter of finding your perfect audience.

Whoever is telling you that Facebook ads don’t work then they are talking B.S.

They are saying so because of two reasons:

  1. They don’t have a great offer or there is a problem with their offer.
  2. They don’t know how to use Facebook Ads.

It is all about using the right method to find your target audience first and then creating the right ad that has a relevant image and persuasive ad copy.

If you hop on without doing your homework and understanding your audience, it is obvious that you will get burned. Ouch.

And that is one of the reasons you are here to learn the right method to find your target audience on Facebook. Once you have found your target audience using any of the two methods above, you can create Facebook Ads and start generating traffic to your website.

You can read this post to learn how to generate ultra high quality leads from Facebook using Facebook Lead Ads, also called Lead generation Ads.

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Any questions about the Facebook Ads or on finding your target audience on Facebook? Comment below, let’s get the discussion rolling.

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