How To Grow Your Blog or Business Using Twitter (Free Checklist)

grow your blog or business using twitter

How To Grow Your Blog or Business Using Twitter (Free Checklist)

grow your blog or business using twitter

Last month I launched one of my products and honestly speaking, I’m so thankful to myself for taking an action to grow my blog or business using twitter in the past.

Twitter might seem like a small bird (actually it is 🙂 ) but it can do a lot of things. So, before I move forward and tell you how to grow your blog or business using twitter, I would like to brief you about some benefits and why it is so important to leverage Twitter in your business or blogging. I’ll also tell you how it can help gain trust and engagement among your audiences.

First of all, I’ve got a Twitter checklist for you. It is ready built, all you need to do is check as you finish all the ways or steps.

And the best thing is, it is free to you. Just click on the image below to grab it.

The core three benefits of using Twitter are

1. Traffic and email opt-ins

Twitter is one of the good sources of traffic, of course, it will not make a big difference in your traffic stats unless you have thousands of highly engaged and active followers. Still, some water drops in your water pot is good, isn’t it? Below is a screenshot of my Google analytics showing Twitter traffic stats. I’ll talk more in detail about email opt-ins later below.

twitter traffic stats

2. Praise and Appreciation

When you are building an audience for your blog and business, it is very important that you engage with your audience and motivate them to do the same. The last thing you want is your audience community full of zombies.

Thus, always engage with your followers, for example, if they share or retweet your content; reply to them with thank you tweet. Offer valuable and quality piece of content. By practicing this on a consistent basis, people will start appreciating and praising you and those tweets can be used on your sales page or product sales page to position yourself as an authority. Here are some of the latest praises and appreciations I have received from my audience on Twitter.

Thanks Kopawee!

Thanks Mike!

Thanks Katrina!

Thanks Ali!

Thanks Leah!

Twitter is one of the best and convenient platforms if you want to host Twitter chats or want to engage with your audience or help/answer some of the questions from your potential customers. When all of these things done properly, you will receive a lot of followers, traffic back to your site, appreciation and customers.

The end result?

You are positioning yourself as a brand or an authority in your niche.

Now that we know the benefits and importance of Twitter and how it can help you grow your blog or business, we are going to move on to nine ways to grow your blog or business using Twitter.

Gimme high-five and let’s get started!

9 ways to grow your blog or business using Twitter

1. Use automation tools or tweet scheduler for optimal timing

Tweet scheduler makes your life easy, saves a ton of time plus it will also help you find the optimal time or perfect time to post your tweet. Thus, more engagement and reach. I recommend using Buffer for scheduling your tweet. I personally use this tool in my own business and it works perfectly fine for me. Of course, there are other tools out there that do the similar things such as Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, CoSchedule and so on.

2. Pin a tweet on your profile to grow your following, drive traffic and email opt-ins

This is one of the simplest yet powerful techniques to grow your following, drive traffic and soccer kick to capture email for list building. Here is how it work; You are not pinning any random tweet, you are pinning the right tweet that has a link straight to your email opt-in page. For example, look at two of my tweets which I pinned. On the left side is the tweet I pinned in past and the one of the right is my current pinned tweet. So anyone who come to see my profile they see my pinned tweet and if they click on the link they are sent to an email opt-in page where they have not much choice but either opt-in or leave.

first tweet pinnedpinned tweet on twitter profile

3. Use auto message to drive traffic and build email list

Not many people read auto messages but still conversions are not that bad. Again, it is all about taking a bite from everywhere and not leaving anything on the table. You can use an app called Crowdfire app. This app has an ability to automate your custom message. A message will not be some old school message ‘thank you for following’ but instead it will have your opt-in offer message with a link, so if someone clicks on the link, they will be taken straight to an email opt-in page where they have no or little choice but to opt-in or leave.twitter auto message

(Using auto message to capture email subscribers)

4. Share and mention other peoples’ work

Any social media platform is all about networking, sharing and growing your blog or business. You might have heard about the quote – “Sharing is caring”. Every word in this quote is super true. Use 70/30 rule, it means 70% other people content and 30% yours. The most important thing here is to make sure you are mentioning the twitter handle of the relevant person whose work you are sharing. By doing this, they will be notified and rest is a limelight. Look at the screenshot below for an example. I am sharing a work of Social media examiner while mentioning their Twitter handle @SMExaminer in my tweet.

sharing other people work

(mentioning Social Media Examiner in my tweet)

5. Use images in your Tweets

Tweets with images perform better than ones without. I’m not claiming anything, I have research and data to show you 🙂 Buffer did mini-research study and analysis leading to results were simply amazing. So, the tweets with images received 18% more clicks than those without. I have nothing to say but to agree with their work because I personally see the difference among my tweets with and without images. That’s is why I use images, let me rephrase it – eye catching images in all of my tweets. Look at the screenshot below for an example.

tweet with images

(my tweet with images)

6. Use relevant hashtags

This one is obvious. Using relevant hashtags in your tweet expands your reach, ultimately creating more shares/retweet. According to the research done by Danzarrella – “tweets that contain one or more hashtags were 55% more likely to be retweeted than tweets that did not”. This makes it no brainer but to use relevant hashtags in your tweets. There are many websites to find and analyze the popularity of hashtags and one of them that works like a charm is Hashtagify. Simple, yet effective tool to find relevant hashtags and their popularities.

7. Join Twitter chat

Do you like Tinder? Or chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend J just kidding. Twitter chat is one of the easiest ways to network with like-minded people and to get some followers. And if your answers stand out such as Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s personality then it is very likely that people will check your profile which can help you get some traffic and email opt-ins. That is why it is very important to pin the right tweet to your profile and a separate website link (opt-in page) itself in your profile. Make sure that your links lead them to your email opt-in page and not to your garden where they don’t find anything except grass and some plants. You get it!

8. Host Twitter chat

Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to do some research and survey. There are many business owners and brands I know who host the Twitter chat on a weekly and monthly basis because they have two objectives – one is to research and second is audience engagement. Hosting a Twitter chat will help you build an engaged community leading to growing your blog or business. Don’t jump on hosting Twitter chat if you are a beginner, get some taste of normal water first and only then go for smoothies. Melyssa Griffin from Nectar Collective is hosting a chat on every Wednesday 6 pm PT #Nectarchat you can attend or join her Twitter chat to get some feel.

twitter chat9. Follow and connect with new people

Follow like-minded people, share their work and connect. This disciplined and organised approach will help you to connect with new people in your niche and maybe, at a later stage, to collaborate, if both of you understand each other and also each others’ business. Collaboration is one of the powerful ways to grow your blog or business because you are leveraging each others’ ready-built audience but, the first step is to connect with that like-minded person. And Twitter is one of the best platforms to follow and connect with your peers.


Twitter is one of those platforms if used properly, can build an engaged audience list or community which you can leverage to grow your business or blog. It is much easier to connect with your audience, peers or brand on Twitter; just @ and tweet 🙂

So how are you using Twitter to grow your blog or business? I am excited to know your thoughts, please let me know in comments below.

I have designed a digital business plan template for you, it is ready built, all you need to do is check as you finish all the ways or steps.

And the best thing about it, it’s free to you!

Click on the image and sign up to get your free Twitter checklist.

Featured image by Kaboompics via Pixabay

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