How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO? 14 Easy Ways

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How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO? 14 Easy Ways

One of the questions I have been asked again and again by my readers is how to increase website traffic without SEO?

When you are just starting out it is difficult to get organic traffic to your website. You might or might not be practicing SEO strategy but you have to understand that it is a long-term strategy.

Think of it (SEO) like a pension.

I have a better way for you to increase your website traffic without SEO or at least until your SEO mangoes are ripe.

There are hundreds of ways to drive website traffic without SEO. I have cherry picked 14 free and paid traffic sources that you can use to get started.

How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO? 14 Easy Ways

FREE – Traffic Sources

1. Guest Posts For Getting Traffic To Your Website For Free

Guest post is the post you write and publish on someone else’s blog or website to take advantage of their ready built traffic and audience.

This strategy works very well to get more traffic to your website. This strategy doesn’t require any investment except your time. In this strategy, most of your time would spent finding the right website for guest posting, pitching the owner, brainstorming the post ideas, writing and publishing.


In return, you have an opportunity to drive traffic back to your website through the link (your website link or high converting squeeze page link) added within the byline posted at the end of the article.

You can see the screenshot below of my byline for the guest post I produced.


For more tips and techniques, common mistakes to avoid and things to do to get the most of your guest post, read this post: How To get More Traffic To Your Website: Increase Website Traffic

2. Host Blogging Posts For Bringing Traffic To Your Website

Host blogging strategy is similar to guest post but instead of you posting on someone else’s website, you invite others to write and post on your website.

You may ask, Chintan, how does it work?

So here’s a deal…

Once the guest post is published on your website, both you and the publisher will start promoting that particular post to both of your audiences to drive traffic.

Now, there are TWO people promoting the same post which is on your website. And this is a win-win situation for both (Power of TWO). That is the beauty of host blogging.

You are getting a website traffic and guest poster will get an opportunity to leverage that traffic back to his/her site. Awesome!

Look at the screen shot below where I’m promoting one of my guest posts to my audience on social media.

host blogging promotion

Look at the screen shot below where Neil Patel is promoting his guest post to his audience.

guest blogging promotion

You get it.

Note: If you are interested in writing a guest post for GrowthRabbit, shoot me an email with guest post ideas.

Before you do so though, below is what I expect:

  • An article must be original (it hasn’t been published elsewhere).
  • Above 1200 words (my posts on GrowthRabbit contain 2,000 words on average, this post itself is 3,200+ words).
  • If you are using any statements, then it needs to be backed by data or research.
  • Topics I cover on GrowthRabbit: business/blog growth, blogging tips, online marketing.
  • I might take out any irrelevant links and images from the article.

This is what you will get in return if your article is published:

Promoting your guest post to my audience through all channels including but not limited to social media, email newsletter, communities and groups.

If you are still interested, then send me an email. [email protected]

3. Facebook Groups To Boost Website Traffic

Facebook is a gold mine. Facebook organic traffic may have been declining recently but you can still generate good amount of quality traffic to your site using Facebook groups.

People don’t get the right results or positive outcomes because they are using Facebook groups in a wrong way.

You MUST use strategic approach when choosing the groups to join, you must understand when to post and most importantly WHAT to post.

If you understand these key points, then you can easily generate free traffic to your website using Facebook groups.

facebook traffic stats

To learn the KEY tactics you can use and implement to the get the most out of Facebook groups, read this post: How To get More Traffic To Your Website: Increase Website Traffic

4. LinkedIn Groups For Free Traffic To Your Site

LinkedIn groups are another great traffic booster. LinkedIn can easily help you drive qualified traffic to your site.

You can use the same strategy for LinkedIn groups that you are using for Facebook groups. The only difference is you need to use a different approach.


Because LinkedIn is a niche site (professional networking site). There are high profile and professional people surfing on LinkedIn on a daily basis. So you want to play safe and decent. You have to think twice on what you write and post.

On another note, if you have joined the right group and are showing the right articles/posts in your group audience then you can easily drive people to your website for free.

To learn more about how to use LinkedIn groups strategically, read this post: How To get More Traffic To Your Website: Increase Website Traffic

5. Google+ Communities To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

Google+ is still alive. You can get a healthy amount of quality traffic to your website through Google+.


The question is how?

The real power of Google+ lies in their communities. You don’t need followers to drive traffic using Google+ but if you do have them, it’s good.

Google+ communities are similar to Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You can still use the same strategy of Facebook and LinkedIn groups for Google+ communities.

I don’t have much data to show you because I don’t have many things as a GrowthRabbit running on Google+ but I’ll share some useful information with you about Google+ and one of my clients.

When I helped one of my clients (travel startup), I ran couple of tests on social media platforms to understand which platform/source is generating more traffic. At the end of the test Google+ communities were the winners and I realized that Google+ communities would be a gold mine for travel niche and it turned out to be.

Then we started focusing on Google+ and the relevant communities. We optimised everything e could to make our profile stand out. We started testing the communities and types of posts to determine which communities and what post trigger the most traffic to our site.

And lastly, I created a blog growth model based on the results I got. End results Google+ communities became the number one traffic source for them.

Borrow my brain for consulting or coaching for your business or blog. Just click this link and your email will reach to me in 5 seconds. I have pre-written the email for you :).

Note: My one hour Skype consulting call package is fully booked for the next one month. Currently, I’m scheduling my calendar for the month after. So click on the link above and reach me in less than 5 seconds to schedule a call. I’m more than happy to squeeze you for this month if your requirements are super urgent. Please be genuine, I’m human just like you.

6. Reddit To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Reddit is another great source to increase website traffic without SEO and for free. But it is not that straight forward.

Reddit is more like a discussion forum and to get the result through Reddit, you need to spend time engaging with SubReddits.

If you are thinking of just visiting Reddit and post your links to a couple of different SubReddits then it is not going to work. Self-promotion is a big no no!

Redditors aren’t big fans of self-promotion and that is why you have to first engage and provide value to SubReddits in the form of upvotes, comments, giving feedback and helping other members with some valuable and free content.

Once you have built some engagement around you only then can promote few of your stuff/posts in a non-pushy way.

Is this effort worth?

Yes, because you can easily drive a lot of traffic to your website.

If you are using Reddit like other Redditors, then things are easy for you. If you aren’t, then you can check out this post to learn the Reddit marketing.

PAID – Traffic Sources

7. Facebook Ads To Get Traffic And Build Email List

Undoubtedly, Facebook Ads are an amazing way to get traffic and build your email list. Price per website click is cheaper than Google Adwords.

But again, before you start advertising blindly you should understand some important metrics such as calculating the customer acquisition cost (CAC). You should know exactly how much you are spending to bring people to your website.

Not only that, you should also be prepared with your monetization strategy. You should know and be prepared on how to convert visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers.

And lastly, you should know how to create profitable ads using the relevant image and great ad copy.

There is a lot of work to do when you are driving paid traffic to your website because the last thing you want is burning your dollars. But if you have known or are familiar with Facebook Ads process then it is one of the best ways to traffic, in fact to customers.

You can see the screenshot below of one of my profitable Facebook ads.

growthrabbit facebook ad

I have some resources for you to get started with Facebook Ads:

You can read this post to learn how to create Facebook lead Ads.

You can read this post to learn how to find your target audience on Facebook for Facebook Ads.

Lastly, if you want some inspiration on Facebook Ads meaning if you want to see the Ad copy of some of the brands and businesses who attracted the right audience and acquired thousands of customers, then get your FREE copy of Lead Clicks For Facebook by accessing our resource library (Get inspired with 80+ Facebook Ads).

Sign up using the form below and get access to resource library in less than 10 seconds.

8. Twitter Ads To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Twitter is another big champion in the advertising world. Twitter Ads is one of the most powerful ways to get more traffic to your website and for paid acquisition.

I’m sure you must have done your audience research to know and understand who are your perfect targeted audience. If you haven’t, then do that first to know whether your audience is hanging out on Twitter or not.

Once you know that your target audience uses Twitter, you can start with Twitter Ads. Promoted Tweets look exactly same as organic tweet just with promoted icon.

example of Twitter ad

To be successful with Twitter Ads in driving traffic and growing your email list, my recommendation is to set up the Twitter card and then to promote.

Read this post to learn more about Twitter Card and how to set them up.

Read this post to learn more about how to set up Twitter Ads campaigns.

9. LinkedIn Ads To Generate High Qualified Traffic

LinkedIn Ads are best for any B2B (business to business) company. It is a gold mine for B2B businesses. If you are any tech or finance company, a software company, business travel blog or agency and so on then you must leverage LinkedIn Ads to drive traffic to your website.

But again, my rule of thumb for using paid ads to drive traffic is that you should be ready with your monetization strategy. You should know and be prepared on how you are going to convert that visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. Super important!!!

The quality of traffic and leads or email subscribers you get from LinkedIn is tremendous. You should expect the price per click of around $4 and so on.

example of linkedin ad

If you know that your audience is hanging out on LinkedIn plus you have a great product to offer or you know what are you going to do with that paid traffic, then give it a shot.

Read this post to learn more about how to set up LinkedIn Ads.

10. Instagram Ads To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Instagram is growing and has a great potential like their parent company Facebook. Instagram is one the best ways to drive traffic to your website especially if your website/business/blog is more visual based.

For example: fashion, e-commerce, food businesses/blogs are getting a lot of success through Instagram Ads.

Prices per click is cheaper. Instagram Ads are not saturated yet and is a great opportunity for you and I to take advantage of until it is super crowded.

You can create Instagram Ads through Facebook Adverts Manager. The good thing about Instagram Ads is you can use the same detailed targeting option that is available on Facebook for Facebook Ads.

Sounds great?

You can read this post to learn how to set up Instagram Ads

You can read this post to know what are the best Instagram hashtags to get your noticed for free.

Lastly, if you want some inspiration on Instagram Ads meaning if you want to see the Ad copy of some of the brands and businesses who attracted the right audience and acquired thousands of customers, then get your FREE copy of Lead Clicks For Instagram by accessing our resource library (Get inspired with 80+ Instagram Ads).

Sign up using the form below and receive access to resource library in less than 10 seconds.

11. Pay Per Click (PPC) To Drive Traffic And Paid Acquisition

PPC Ads are one the best ways to drive traffic to your website. It includes Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo and many other PPC ad platforms.

Google Adwords is the first place where most of the businesses turned up to start their advertising journey.

PPC ads are easy to set up but requires in-depth keyword analysis, creating persuasive Ad copies to increase the CTR (click through rate) and other important factors such as your landing page (where the visitor is landing after clicking your ad), your offer and so on.

If your ad copy is not relevant to what you are showing on your landing page then your visitors are going to bounce back. You lose money.

Google Adwords is expensive and if not done correctly you are going to get hurt, Ouch…

If you are new to PPC ads then I recommend you starting with Bing Ads which is similar to Google Adwords. Once you have recognised your exact targeted and profitable keywords, click through rate etc. you can start and switch to Google Adwords too.

example of google adwords

Prices per clicks with Bing Ads are cheaper than Google Adwords.

You can read this post to learn how to set up Google Adwords Ad.

You can watch this to learn how to set up Bing Ads.

12. Banner/display Ads To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

Banner or display ads is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. There are many ways you can buy the display or banner ads to drive traffic to your website.

You can either join any advertising networks such as BuySellAds, Adroll or you can contact directly any high traffic blogs and ask them for a banner space.

Banner/display ads work like a charm when it is done in a form of retargeting ads. Banner/display ads work on CPC/PPC or CPM basis.

example of banner ad

(Banner Ad)

CPC is Cost Per Click and CPM is Cost Per Thousand Impressions. If you want to try out the banner/display ads for your business or blog to drive traffic to your site, then I recommend starting with BuySellAds.

13. Solo Ads or Email List Rental To Get More Traffic To Your Site

Solo ads or email list rental is another popular form of online advertising. This is a nice way to drive traffic, build an email list and generate sales.

So what is solo ads?

Solo ads or email list rental is a one-time email shot that you buy from any company/business/blogger that has thousands of quality email subscribers.

There are many ways you can get the solo ads for your website to drive traffic:

One of the ways is to buy the email shot. The second way is the list swapping. This means you both send an email to each other’s list and the third way is JV (Joint venture) or collaboration.

All three ways are good but it really depends on what your ultimate goal is when using Solo ads.

Just be careful when you are BUYING the email shot (option one) because you want to make sure that your email copy is sent to the highly engaging and active email list.

When buying solo ads you can ask these three questions to the seller:

  • How many active subscribers do you have?
  • What is your average email open rate?
  • What is the price of your solo ad?

If they deny to share this information or don’t reply to your email, then just move on and get the solo ads from someone else.

You want to deal with the seller who has active subscribers and replies to all of your questions.

14. YouTube video Ads To Boost Your Website Traffic

YouTube Ads are a great way to drive traffic to your offer or landing page. Not many businesses or website owners are taking advantage of YouTube Ads.


Because it requires creating high-quality videos to get the good ROI.

Here’s why most businesses get it wrong. They think that it requires video production or other blah blu things. Don’t tell me you think the same way, otherwise I’m going to kill myself 🙂

So here’s the deal, your video ad need to be short and simple. It should be less than 60 seconds and straight to the point.

You can even create animated or whiteboard videos and place them as an ad. Even better, you can get those animated or whiteboard videos done through Fiverr for less than $30.

Sounds interesting yah?

I know.

If you have Google Adwords account, then you can create your Youtube Ads through them. Check out this video to see how to set up YouTube Ads in less than 10 minutes.

Phew, we are done with tips, techniques for 14 powerful and easy ways to increase website traffic without SEO.


There many ways to drive traffic to your website other than SEO or organic traffic. And in this post, I have covered the most effective, powerful and easy ways to increase website traffic without SEO. Of course, SEO should be in your strategy but until it starts paying off you can use these free and paid traffic sources to get traffic to your site.

Before we wrap up, I want to give you one tip: regardless of whatever traffic sources you decide to use or are using to bring people to your website, always make sure you are tracking and scaling your traffic sources. Make a smart decision to grow your business or blog using the data you have available.

And if you still have any questions regarding how to increase website traffic without SEO, just let me know in a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer any of your queries.

So what traffic sources are you using other than SEO to drive traffic to your website? Leave me a comment below and let’s keep the discussion rolling.

Lastly, if you want some inspiration on Instagram and Facebook Ads meaning if you want to see the Ad copy of some of the brands and businesses who attracted the right audience and acquired thousands of customers, then get your FREE copy of Lead Clicks For Facebook and Instagram by accessing our resource library (Get inspired with 80+ Instagram Ads).

Sign up using the form below and receive access to resource library in less than 10 seconds.

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