How To Set Up “Rich Pins” on Pinterest? 3 Steps Equation

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How To Set Up “Rich Pins” on Pinterest? 3 Steps Equation

Pinterest is a visual search engine and it is one of the most powerful ways to generate traffic and grow your blog or business but only if it is used strategically. And one of the strategic approaches you must do to stand out from the crowd is to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest.

So, before I go ahead and show you 3 step formula to set up Rich Pins, let’s understand what are the Rich Pins.

If you already know what are Rich Pins? how to recognize Rich Pins? and how to use Rich Pins? then you can skip these 3 sections below and go straight to how to set up “Rich Pins” on Pinterest section.

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What are the Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are the pins that include extra information on the pin itself. It is one of the best ways to make yourself, your business account to stand out from the crowd.

There are 6 types of Rich pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.

How to recognize the Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are available only to businesses and it is very simple to recognize on Pinterest. There will be a small icon on the left corner of your pin and that’s your website favicon. And every Rich Pins pinned on Pinterest will show this favicon. To see them live, check out here GrowthRabbit Rich Pins on Pinterest.

So you have noticed that on the left side there is a small icon and it is picked up by Pinterest from your website. That’s your website favicon, in my case, it is a GrowthRabbit logo.

How do I use Rich Pin?

As mentioned above, there are 6 types of Rich Pins and each type of Rich Pin has its own specialty.

For example, if you are a food blogger and have posted an article of any recipe, your recipe ingredients will populate. This is Recipe Rich Pin. See screen shot below:

recipe rich pin

If you are publishing any article then short snippet will come up, for example, look at the screenshot of one of my Rich Pins below. This is called Article Rich Pins.

article rich pin

Same with other types of Rich Pins. If you have been selling any e-commerce product then Pinterest will pull out the prices, availability of the product and where to buy them and that is called Product Rich Pins.

So it doesn’t matter what type of business or blogger you are, there is a fit for every blog or business. In order to use Rich Pins, you can pick one type from 6 types of Rich Pins which closely match your blog or business niche and you are ready to go.

How to set up “Rich Pins on Pinterest”?

Now that you know what the Rich Pins are, how to recognize them and how to use them, It is time to set up “Rich Pins”.

So let start with Step one.

STEP: 1 Install Yoast SEO Plugin or All meta tags plugin

Things get much easier if you are using WordPress site. So if you are using WordPress site then the first step to set up Rich Pins is to install either of these two plugins:

If you are not using WordPress or any other CMS system, then you might need a help of developer but if you have an access to source code of your website and are familiar with meta tags placement then you are ok to go.

For WordPress boys and girls, I highly recommend to install and use Yoast SEO plugin. It is one of the best and most popular SEO plugins. This plugin is used for search engine optimization (SEO).

You can get your Pinterest meta tag from your Pinterest business account, visit settings>>profile>> and click on confirm your site and you will have the meta tag.

Install Yoast SEO plugin if you haven’t installed yet. After installing the plugin click on social and then Pinterest tab.

Now, place your Pinterest meta tag inside the Pinterest Verification slot. See the screenshot below.

yoast seo pinterest meta tag

STEP: 2 Validate your pin using “Rich Pins Validator”

Visit “Rich Pins Validator” and enter any link to a post of your website. The word is ANY, means any post, this is just to validate your site and check the correct placement of meta tag. After entering the valid link, just click validate.

Rich Pin Validator

STEP: 3 Apply for “Rich Pins” after validation

Once you have validated your link, Pinterest will show you a message that your pins have been validated. Congratulations!

Lastly, Pinterest will show you a message ‘Apply now’. Click on ‘Apply now’ and you are all done.

The only thing you need to do now is to wait until Pinterest verifies and approves your application. Usually, your application will get approved and Rich Pins will start showing within an hour.


Pinterest is a very powerful tool to grow your blog or business, the platform is less saturated and if you are not using Pinterest for your blog or business then this is the right time to start leveraging Pinterest in business. But at the same time, it is very important to stand out from the crowd, there are millions of pins and using Rich Pins is one of the best ways to do so.

If you are not using Rich Pins yet, then I recommend you start using them and do take advantage of this 3 step equation guide on how to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest.

What do you think about Rich Pins feature?

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