How To Use Google Alerts To Drive Traffic & More

Google Alerts to drive traffic? seriously! Yes, there is a right way to use Google Alerts and that is called Google Alerts traffic. But before I start showing you what Google Alerts can do for your blog and business in terms of driving traffic to your website. Here’s I want to say:

google alerts drive traffic

With Steve Jobs technology in every hand and Zuckerberg’s aggressive user growth strategy, it is no way you can get away from alerts and notifications. Of course, if you shut off the notification then it will be a different case.

gogobot notification instagram


I love notifications and for good. I remember my parents knocking my head every three hours during my GCSE’s “how are you doing with your studies…?”

Great and refreshing alerts! 🙂

Many people think that Alerts and notifications are annoying because of many reasons and most popular one is as it buzzes every few minutes but I think it’s not, especially if you take an ADVANTAGE of those alerts. So today, I am going to show you how alerts can help you so you can start taking an advantage of it for your good. (This tactic is focusing on Google Alerts To Drive Traffic). Yes, you can use Google Alerts for business 🙂

But before you get ready with all your Star Wars weapons – First thing first, that is your OBJECTIVE.

Now, your objective for performing these A to Z steps is to divert quality targeted traffic back to your website.

Yep, you heard me right. We are going to drive quality traffic back to your site.

The very first step is to knock our very favourite Google’s door and ask for Google Alerts, so we can update them with our objectives.

Drum roll for Google and Google Alerts for helping to drive traffic…

Visit Google Alerts and set up an alert notification. Look at the screencast below, it will look something like this.

Google Alerts To Drive Traffic

Now, the idea is to set up an alert notification for as many relevant topics your business or website is related to or the topics your audience is interested in. For example, if you are in a “fitness niche” targeting women then “How to get bikini body” is a great topic.

Google Alerts will start sending you notifications as soon as any topic related to your queries are posted on the internet. It is now Google Alert’s turn to start knocking your door with Alerts.

google alerts email

And your time to take an action – you have to visit that particular website mentioned in Google Alerts notification email sent to you by Google Alerts, so visit that website and read the full article or blog post and at the end write a ”thoughtful blog comment”.

Try to make sure that you are first when commenting.

You are good to go — you will now start receiving a quality traffic — people who are visiting to read the article are very likely to read your comment too and if it is “helpful or interesting” then they will click on your comment and will visit your site to know more about you — these are the laser targeted audience who are interested in similar niche and topic.

Don’t expect your rankings to skyrocket because the result depends on many things such as how much traffic that particular website receives. If they don’t have much traffic then you are not going to get much. It is a simple equation.

Remember, this is one of the traffic driving tactic and not a strategy.

Of course, this tactic works but it doesn’t mean that you are going to be swimming in a pool full of traffic. Sometimes it will give you high traffic peak sometimes it won’t.

I still remember one comment I posted which was very thoughtful and all I can say is that it was awesome.

Do you know how much traffic I received? 3 visitors, Face palm.

And on another case I received 100’s of visitors.

Thus, it is all about implement and iterate.

Look at the screenshot below from my Google analytics account.

Google analytics for traffic stats

Benefits of using this traffic hack.

  1. You will remain up to date with your niche, plus you will get to know what topics are trending in your industry.
  2. As you will read those articles and participate in the potential discussions, you will learn new things – it doesn’t matter if you only learn just and just one thing, it is fine.
  3. Last and most important is your objective – you will able to drive/divert quality traffic to your site.

Now, you might have some questions, such as how often you should do this? How much time you need to spend? etc.

You don’t need to do this on a daily basis, of course, you can check the Google Alerts emails, and see if there is any interesting post, in that case, go ahead – read, consume and post a comment.

As I said you don’t need to do this on a daily basis but if you decide to do so then don’t spend more than 10 to 15 minutes a day. Don’t get overwhelmed and over do it.

The most important thing need to be taken care of is your comments. DO NOT POST or write some ridiculous random comments such as “Great post, really enjoyed.” Or one like below


This was a comment some cool dude posted on my blog, look at this — not only he posted his website link but also his Facebook page link and till today’s date I haven’t APPROVED this comment. We don’t want to create a nuisance, we want to play with ethics and morals.

With ethics and morals, we are ending today’s lesson and here are the takeaways:

Takeaway #1: Objective is to drive quality traffic back to your site.

Takeaway #2: Visit Google Alerts and set up a notification for the topics related to your niche/website or business.

Takeaway #3: On receiving Google Alerts email, visit those sites mentioned by Google in an email – read, consume the article, blog and post a thoughtful comment at the end.

Takeaway #4: Don’t post rubbish comments and create a nuisance.

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