Increase Traffic And Email list: 5 Smart Growth Hacks

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Increase Traffic And Email list: 5 Smart Growth Hacks

If you want to increase traffic and email list at the same time, then you need some touch of growth hacking.

In this blog post, I am not going to talk about any SEO strategies to drive traffic to your blog/business or guest post strategies. I am going to tell you 5 hacks that you can use in your blogging or business to drive website traffic and to build your email list.

For anyone who is not aware of the term  of growth hacking: There are many ways to define growth hacking but in simple words, growth hacking is

Are you with me?

Great, there are lots of growth hacks to increase traffic and email list at the same time but I’m going to tell you the best ones.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Increase Traffic And Email list: 5 Smart Growth Hacks
The 5 most powerful and smart growth hacks which you can try and implement in your business or blogging to drive traffic and grow your email list.

1. Referral hack

You can set up a referring system to create a LAYER AND A REFERRAL TRAFFIC CHAIN  – invite X number of friends and unlock this product feature or get an additional bonus or get X % of discount or get an Ebook or video tutorial. Whatever giveaway you decide to give on referring, just make sure that your audience is craving for that extra thing.

First, do your market research and find out what you audience is BADLY LOOKING for.

Once you find that out, then create a layer and a referral traffic chain. Now, announce to your audience that you have this discount offer or ebook or video to giveaway for free.

The only thing they need to do is invite X number of friends and they get that discount or feature or ebook. You are ready to go.

For example:

  • Dropbox is giving you extra space when your invite your friends.
  • I personally give LEAD CLICKS for Facebook and Instagram when you invite 5 friends.
  • GetResponse email marketing service gives you $30 credit when you invite your friends.

Referral hack is one of the bootstrapping and smart ways to increase traffic and email list or pulls in email opt-ins or subscribers.

Some people get scared when it comes to setting up this kind of system. If you are a coding person or want to hire a developer to set this up for you, that is absolutely fine.

The other option is to sign up for the referral marketing platform. There are many referral marketing platforms in the market that help you create the referral chain without you writing any piece of code. Your referral system will be up and running in literally less than 10 minutes.

One of the platforms I recommend is UpViral. I have used this platform in past and it works very well. It is super simple, easy to use and faster to implement. Check out Upviral here.

2. Use custom audience for Facebook ADs

If you want to get high-quality laser targeted visitors seeing your Facebook Ads + want to lower your advertisement cost then use the custom audience. The best custom audience lists are:

Custom audience (Email) – You can target your email subscribers or create a Lookalike audience similar to your email subscribers.

Custom audience (Website) – You can target users who visited your website but did not make any purchase. This type of AD is called Retargeting.

If you are new and just starting Facebook Ads, it is obvious that you’ll not have a custom audience. Not to worry, you can start Facebook Ads with Interest targeting data including:

  • Facebook pages of competitors.
  • Influencers in your niche.
  • The combination of both.

When you use the custom audience as a target audience for your Facebook ads, you are attracting the quality people to see your AD, ultimately laser targeted visitors to your site or landing page.

These audiences are similar audiences to the previous audiences who shown interest in your website and the things you have to talk about, so it is very likely that the custom audience that you are targeting will opt-in to your offer.

I like this hack because it sends you laser targeted traffic and because of targeted it helps you increase traffic and email list if the ads are designed in a right way.

3. Use Google Alerts to generate a quality traffic

Visit Google Alerts and set up an alert notification. Look at the screenshot below, it will look something like this.

how to use google alerts

Now, the idea is to set up an alert notification for as many relevant topics your business is related to or the topics your audience is  interested in as possible. For example, if you are in a fitness niche targeting women then “How to get bikini body” is a great topic.

Google Alerts will start sending you a notification as soon as any topic related to your queries are posted on the internet.

It’s your turn to take an action – you have to visit that particular website mentioned in Google Alert notification email sent to you by Google Alerts, so visit that website and read the full article or blog post and at the end write a thoughtful blog comment.

Try to make sure that you are first when commenting. You are good to go — you will now start receiving a quality traffic — people who are visiting to read the article, quite possibly they will read your comment too and if it is helpful or interesting then they will click and visit your site— these are the laser targeted audience who are interested in similar niche and topic.

Google Alerts hack is one of my favourite hacks to increase traffic and email list in a strategic way.

Read this blog post to learn the complete hack on how to drive traffic to your blog using Google Alerts.

4. Instagram hack for traffic and email opt-ins

Instagram hack to increase traffic and email list is another jackpot. Visit Instagram and start looking at each and every profile — both YOUR followers and following. You can also look for the profiles using HASHTAGS relevant to your niche or Instagram HASHTAGS your audience are interested in.

The idea is you are looking for an email address in the profile. For example, see screenshot below. (If you don’t find an email address in a profile but if there is a website displayed in a profile, then visit that website and you will find their contact information there).

instagram hack

Collect as many emails as you can (if you want then you can hire VA – virtual assistant from Fiverr for $5 to do this unproductive task for you).

Once you have collected at least 100’s of emails, it is time for an action — now send an email to all of them saying “I found you on Instagram…” and then write a short info about your lead magnet offer and send them to your squeeze page. If they are interested they will sign up. (It is very likely that they will, because these are laser targeted audience interested in similar topics or niche).

Using this hack I have collected around 50 opt-ins in just 2 hours. The offer I sent to them was the list of 30 blog post ideas.

I hired VA from Fiverr and asked her to scrap around 200 emails for me from Instagram (I gave her all details on how she can scrap the emails) which she did very accurately without bullshitting.

Once I received an email database from her, I started sending emails to all these 200 people and in return I got 50 email opt-ins. Instagram hack is another one of my favourite hacks to increase traffic and build email list

5. Republish your existing blog post

In this technique to drive traffic and build email list, you are asking media outlets or authority sites to republish your existing blog post.

The first step is to create a great and original blog post, make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned. Once you finish writing a blog post, publish it on your site.

After publishing a blog post on your site wait for one or two weeks — during this period promote this blog post on the social media groups, forums and communities etc. Big share numbers on sharing buttons give readers or visitors a good impression of that particular blog post.

Then after, take this blog post and start pitching media outlets or authority sites, find an email address of an editor and ask him/her to republish this blog post.

Don’t write a long email, just write a simple email asking them to republish this blog post. In email tell them that this blog post was popular on your site and has received good traction from your audience and you think that their audience would like and show the same response too.

Once media outlet has shown interest in your blog post, it will get republished.


Make sure you have your byline at the end of the blog post and it is written strategically because visitors will come to your site using the link in the byline. So try to make your byline appealing and relevant.

You can use this email script for pitching:

Subject: Republish this blog post about [insert your topic]?

Hi [insert editor name],

My name is [Your name] from [your website]

Recently, I wrote a blog post about [insert your blog post headline]. I’ve received a great response from my audience and community and I think that the [insert their site name] audience would show the same response too.

Here is the link [insert your article link] 

I look forward to your thought and if you enjoy reading it, I’d be happy to see it republished on [insert their site name]


[insert your name]

[insert your designation and website link]

This hack works like a charm and it is better than guest posting strategy. It does help you to increase traffic and email list.


With today’s access to technology, smart resources and fabulous tools have made our lives very easy and growing your website traffic, blog or business faster.

It is clear that if you leverage the technology and use your creativity in the right direction and at the right time, then it is absolutely possible to increase blog or website traffic and grow your email list in a very short period of time.

What tactics do you use to increase traffic and email list?

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