How To Plan Your Traffic And Email Subscriber Goals Using These Exact Spreadsheets

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How To Plan Your Traffic And Email Subscriber Goals Using These Exact Spreadsheets

We are very much familiar with this super famous quote –

Regardless of whatever niche you are in; to be successful – the first thing you need to do is decide on your goals, break them into pieces and plan your journey to accomplish those goals.

After punching thousands of times, coming empty handed, losing thousands of dollars, failed hundreds of times – finally, I found the way.

The way to create the solid process, the way to plan my traffic and email subscriber goals, the way to accomplish the goals, the way to success.

Today, after not tens but hundreds of trial and error processes, I am proud to say that I have cracked the code to plan and accomplish the traffic and email subscriber goals.

So, what came out of it was insanely real and powerful spreadsheet.

I have originally created these spreadsheets for myself and my own business. Then I started using these spreadsheets for my clients, I shared with my entrepreneurial friends too.

From GrowthRabbit to all my clients and entrepreneurial friends, all using the same exact spreadsheets to plan and accomplish their traffic and email goals.

I have now decided to share the complete process and the exact spreadsheet with you!

*Please note that the data used within spreadsheets is dummy data. It is used for representation purpose only.

How To Plan Your Traffic And Email Subscriber Goals Using These Exact Spreadshee

1.    Set your 90 days traffic or email goals.

Without goals, it is just a dream. So setting the goals are the first steps you must take. When you decide on your goals, you should map them with 90 days time frame. 30 days timeframe is too small and 1 year is too long. 90 days is the magical timeframe.

*My spreadsheet is designed keeping 90 days time frame in mind.

After you have decided your goals, break them into months, weeks and days. My spreadsheet will do exactly this for you in a fraction of seconds. Apart from goal breakdown on the weekly and daily basis, it will also show how much weekly growth you require, how much weekly traffic or emails you require to accomplish your goal. You will get all these data by just entering your one goal number.

email and traffic goal breakdown

2.    Brainstorm and decide on the traffic generation or email list building tactics.

After you have decided and broken down your goals, your next task is to brainstorm and decide on traffic generation and email list building tactics or ideas.

An important point to consider at this stage is on picking the tactics based on right key parameters.

*My spreadsheet is designed exactly by taking all Key Parameters in consideration.

Once you have brainstormed a couple of ideas or tactics for your traffic generation or email list building goals, you MUST then cross-check those tactics with Key Parameters, as shown in the figure below, before making any decision or implementation of tactics.

It is very important that you must consider your goal, time frame, money, effort, your control level and targeting level while making a decision on which tactics to go with.

Use levels such as high, medium and low within the Key Parameters to weight and decide on tactics.

brainstrom traffic and email tactics

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3.    Note key actions for the chosen traffic generation or email list building tactics.

At this stage you are deciding on the action that is needed to be taken for particular tactics you decided to implement.

*The good thing about my spreadsheet is that you will save tons of time because it helps you pull all the tactics that you decide to go with in the next spreadsheet by just you saying YES or NO.

Note on the exact action you require to implement the particular strategy. Don’t forget to insert deadline and time you require to implement.

And lastly, within this step; do this exact thing for all the tactics you decided to implement.

email and traffic tactics action required

4.    Test, measure and analyze.

Before making it bigger, test the first batch of the result. See if you are getting positive ROI. Measure and analyze how many unique users you have generated or email subscribers acquired.

If your implemented tactic is giving you positive result then continue with that particular tactic to accomplish your goal. If it is not giving you positive result then you must tweak, optimize or discontinue that tactic and implement a new one, following the same procedure.

When you measure and analyze your result, use three KPIs – conversion rate, users generated or email subscribers acquired and lastly impressions (if available, in many cases you should get these through analytics). 

measure and analyse tactics

5.    Scale it at a bigger level.

When you see and get a positive ROI for the tactics you have implemented, you can think of taking it to the next level. You can scale it bigger by putting more time, money and effort to those particular tactics.

This process will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. We all want to make it big, which is good, but if we start scaling big straight away without testing or having valid data, it will be difficult or you can say the recipe for a disaster.

Throwing blindly and hoping to get stick on the wall is not a good idea. Instead, you should use the right process and data to accomplish your goals.

And that is possible now using this process and my exact spreadsheets.

How do you plan and accomplish your traffic and email goals? And if you have any questions, please do let me know in comments below.

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