Retargeting Strategy And Converting Leads Into Paying Customers

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Retargeting strategy is an area of marketing we touched upon in our last blog post.

Develop this properly, and you will significantly improve your chance of turning leads into customers. So let’s talk in a bit more detail about the importance of a retargeting strategy.

Basic starting points of your retargeting strategy

A retargeting strategy ensures that you continue engaging with potential customers once they have left your site.

Using platforms such as Facebook and Google, retargeting is one of the most powerful ways of continuing engagement with users.

Remember, they have already shown an interest in your product by advertising on other websites.

So now it’s time to attract them back with the exact content they’re interested in!

Landing pages are a great solution for this specific messaging.

And they’re even better for accurately measuring the performance of your retargeting audience.

The right content for your retargeting audience

Keeping the focus on the products and services your target is in the market for is paramount when running a retargeting strategy.

And whilst you will want to educate some, others will not need to be given so much detail about your brand.

So ensure early on that you include a way to eliminate those who are more familiar with your brand from the target group of your campaign.

Once that’s taken care of, your product or services-focused content should include overviews, testimonials or case studies with detailed ROI results.

This way you are setting up mechanisms to persuade your audience to take a step closer to buying from you.

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Stay focused on fewer products and services

This is easier to manage on a smaller scale to start with, which is good news for startups.

Let’s say your website features a relatively small number of products and services, but there are certain pages that have better engagement than others.

Rather than try and convey everything about your brand into one all-singing, all-dancing advert, consider a few adverts in a rotation that talks about the specific products that are capturing the most attention already.

This way, you’re building upon the testing by default that has already taken place, i.e. the organic results of your website traffic.

Push rather than pull as a retargeting strategy

If your services have generated a great deal of interest on your website alone, and your retargeting ads use the same images as the website content, then the chances are high that your customer will engage further with your brand.

However, the wording that accompanies the retargeting ad has to be more ‘push’ than ‘pull’ to ease conversion.

Time to roll out your value proposition as clearly as possible as there’s no time to waste whilst people are browsing online!

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Great marketing saying is “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill bit, they want a quarter-inch hole”.

In other words, they want the end result, not the product.

And in order to get that end result, they have to buy the product you’re selling.

Easy, right?

Well, no, otherwise everybody would be doing it without hesitation!

What’s needed to make your product stand out from the crowd is a clear value proposition.

One that offers gains to ease your customer’s pains.

However, invariably there are more than just one benefit options you want to offer.

This gives you yet another opportunity to A/B test a variety of value proposition-led adverts.

Learn from this testing and you will then start to really tighten up the core messaging your audience responds best.

Make a final concession

Sometimes getting your new customer over the finish line comes down to the most traditional tactic of all.

(And this bit is often more simple to work out than the areas you need help with marketing-wise!)

Therefore, if you haven’t already done so, roll out your final offer.

Everybody loves a bargain, so make sure you offer a discount your next customer simply can’t resist.

Here at GrowthRabbit, we’ve been working on a marketing model that enables small companies to reach their target audience at a fraction of the amount they’re currently spending. For instance, we were able to reduce one start-up customer’s acquisition costs by 53.96% in under 90 days.

Is this something you think you could improve on?

If yes, please book a free consultation and we’ll gladly give you a call to explain further.

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