How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads? 5 Facebook Ads Research Techniques

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In past, I have received a lot of emails and messages asking this: Is there a tool for Spying on the Facebook Ads of Competitors? or some techniques for Facebook ads research? I replied many emails and messages but then I decided to write a blog post on this topic, so everyone can eat the fruits. Also, we can then reverse engineer which competitors ads on Facebook are successful.

Now to spy on competitors Facebook Ads, you don’t need to be Sherlock but you want to be a smart Facebook ads spy.

There’s a clever way of going about it. A good Facebook ads spy knows that Facebook and other social media platforms present great opportunities to learn about what your competitors are doing.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads? 5 Facebook Ads Research Techniques

How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads? 5 Facebook Ads Research Techniques

1. Ask Facebook to Tell You About Your Competition

Use Facebook itself as a spy tool to check on your competitors Facebook Ads. So, here is the deal – any time you see a sponsored post on Facebook, you can click on the arrow icon in the top right corner and ask “Why am I seeing this?

facebook ads research technique one

Facebook’s answer will uncover your competitor’s audience targeting strategy and adding new ideas in your Facebook ads research box.

So, as you can see below, Infusionsoft is trying to reach the audience interested in Email marketing. Plus, people aged 21 and older who live or have recently been in the United Kingdom.

why am I seeing this facebook advert

Not only that, but the real magic starts here – when you tell Facebook that this add is useful! Now, Facebook will start sending/showing you similar kind of ads in your news feed. Thus, it will help you understand the overall theme, copy, image and structure of ads that your niche or competitors are implying in general.

this facebook ad is useful

2. Facebook Ads Gallery

Once you get the feel of your competitors Facebook ads in your newsfeed, you can head over to AdEpresso Facebook Ads gallery for more inspiration and examples.

Facebook Ads Gallery

AdEspresso’s Ads Gallery includes not a hundred but thousands of Facebook ads. You can filter the ads by different metrics, industries, placements and objectives.

The playground is all yours and you are the Ronaldo on the pitch 🙂

Ad placement: Newsfeed Desktop, Newsfeed Mobile, Right column.

Industry: B2B, B2C, food, entertainment, startup and so on.

Campaign objective: Brand awareness, lead generation, page likes, conversions.

Attributes: carousel ads, videos, retargeting, photos etc.

Filter and click on “Find Ads now” Boom!

Facebook Ads Gallery will show you all the ads related to your search criteria.

Facebook Ads Gallery

3. Spy on Your Competitors Facebook Retargeting Strategy

Want to know whether your competitor is using Facebook retargeting strategy or not? Easy!

First, visit their website, visit their sign up page,  visit their product pages, try to do check out and abandon the checkout process and wait for retargeting.

Well, if they have the retargeting funnel set up then you will be retargeted and if not then no.

facebook retargeting strategy

4. Analyse Your Competitors Landing Page

Don’t limit yourself to ad copy, image and styling! Go deep down and understand your competitor’s exact Facebook ads strategy by analysing their both Facebook ads and ads landing page.

Question is “how do you do it?”

Good news is – it is possible to spy and find out the designated ads landing page using AdEspresso.

Visit AdExpresso Facebook ads gallery, then filter and click on find the ads. Now click on the ad that you want to analyse.

I took Barkbox as you can see in the example below:

facebook barkbox ad

When you click on the ad it takes you their designated landing page assigned to the ad.

It took me to this landing page of Barkbox 🙂

barkbox landing page

It is a smart landing page with a clear image, message, call-to-action button and no distraction at all.

5. Audience Research Using Facebook Audience Insights Tool

This is a great tool that Facebook has built for advertisers to do audience research before they launch their ads. It will help you discover a lot of things about your niche, audience and even competitors.

I have written the blog post in past and made a video showing how to use this tool.

You can find this post and video on Facebook audience insights tool here


These Facebook ads research tips and techniques are great and can help you gather cool insights about your competitors Facebook Ads strategy.

But, But, But…

Always keep in mind that what works for your competitors doesn’t mean that it will work for you. So, just get the feel and taste about your competitors Facebook ads strategy using these Facebook ads research tips

So, your takeaway is – just get the feel and taste about your competitors Facebook ads strategy using these Facebook ads research tips. But don’t completely rely on those insights.

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