The Best Hashtags To Get Your Instagram Noticed: Extension Hack

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The Best Hashtags To Get Your Instagram Noticed: Extension Hack

Instagram is one of the best platforms for visual marketing with an opportunity to use hashtags and if you leverage in a right way, then you can very easily drive traffic and create awareness.

I have received a lot of direct messages on my Instagram account asking me lots of questions about what to post and how to get more likes and followers etc. If you have a lot of followers, then your post reach is obviously high, meaning more likes, and if you are playing strategically then more traffic back to your site.

But what if you have very fewer followers, how do you extend your post reach?

Most of you will know but for the ones who don’t, the answer is HASHTAGS.

I called it Extension Hack, simply because it helps you extend your post reach without hitting nail on the wall.

Instagram allowed 30 hashtags in one post and I recommend taking full advantage of all that 30 hashtag slots.

The next question comes in your mind is which hashtags will help you extend your post reach?

I got you covered 🙂

I am going to list some of the best hashtags to get your Instagram noticed meaning more likes + followers + shares.

(Of course, likes, followers and shares depend on many other factors too such as types of post itself, quality of images and posting time but these all things are worthless if you don’t manage to make your post reach to many people.)

Ok, without further ado, let’s get started.

best hashtags to get your instagram noticed

1. #designinspiration

This hashtag is one of the best hashtags to get your Instagram noticed. This hashtag will work very well for you if you are a design blogger or creative entrepreneur. If you have a high-quality home interior posts, your office desk posts or any post that is bleeding colourful design and positive vibes then this hashtag will help you extend your reach.

This hashtags suits best for Lifestyle bloggers, Design bloggers, Creative Entrepreneurs, designer and any bloggers or entrepreneurs who want to share their design inspiration with the Instagram community.

2. #flashesofdelight

Instagram is all about sharing great creative images and when you have a hashtag #flashesofdelight things get much easier. This hashtag was started by Glitter Guide, it is a lifestyle website dedicated to inspiring you to shine bright. This hashtag works very well because, first of all they search their hashtag to regram couple of images every week, so if your image stands out then get ready to get your post regram (reshared) with tons of followers. The second thing is, even if your post doesn’t get regramed, at least your post will reach to many people which you can’t if your account doesn’t have lots of followers.

I will say this hashtag works for any entrepreneur, blogger as far as you are not sharing boring colourless, lifeless images.#thedailybite

3. #thedailybite

Foodie lovers, here is your hashtag. This hashtag is one of the best hashtags for your Instagram to be noticed if your post relates to food. This hashtag works very well for food bloggers or businesses who are into the food business. This hashtag is owned by The Daily Bite.

This hashtag is perfect to reach to a large community of food lovers. This hashtag also suits fitness bloggers and entrepreneurs posting healthy food recipes.

4. #worldtravelbook

This hashtag is self-explanatory. Hashtag is owned by World Travel Book and is the best if you have travel related pictures. This hashtag works very well for the travel bloggers, holiday booking sites and travel entrepreneurs.

Even if your blog or business is not related to travel you can still leverage this hashtag for posting your holiday pictures with some motivation messages.#bandofun

5. #bandofun is the owner of this hashtag, it is a lifestyle brand. If your images are bright, colourful and full of life then this hashtag is going to rock your account. They search their hashtag to regram images on weekly basis so, if your images are standing out then there is an opportunity to get your post regramed.

This hashtag works for lifestyle and desig bloggers and entrepreneurs, creative bloggers and entrepreneurs, but even if you don’t fall into this category, I recommend using this hashtag for extending your reach, just make sure your pictures are fit to their account.

Check out their other hashtag too #bandotodolist #passionpassport

6. #passionpassport

This hashtag is best for travel bloggers, holiday businesses or travel booking sites but you can leverage this hashtag to show your travel and holiday pictures. This hashtag is owned by Passion Passport and they are always in search for cool pictures to regram.

7. #entrepreneur

This hashtag is very common hashtag but best at the same time because many entrepreneurs check the feed of this hashtag. So if your post is motivational, inspiring or related to entrepreneurship then there are very good chances that your post will get liked by your peers and hopefully you can network and connect.

8. #GRRunner

Rabbit is always with carrots, so how will we be without hashtags :). Yes, GrowthRabbit has their own hashtag. This hashtag suits and works for any type of bloggers, entrepreneurs and businesses. If your pictures are bright, colourful, full of life and inspiring then there are good chances that you post will get regramed.

There are thousands of hashtags to choose from and it is very important that whenever you choose the hashtag for your post, do always make sure that you use the hashtag which is active and has engaged community.

The hashtags listed above are some of the best hashtags to get your Instagram noticed. They are also very active and have engaged community.

Which hashtags do you use in your Instagram posts?

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